Grinder with clear Mid-section and Magnetic Window Lid | 62mm

199 kr

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This quality grinder has a solid build, measures 62mm in diameter, and is constructed from durable aluminum metal with a colored exterior. The removable lid has a clear window that enables you to watch the grinding process in action. The mid-section is also clear, so you can always see how much ground herb is left in your grinder. The grinder’s sharp, wavy teeth effortlessly chew through even the biggest herb buds, for a consistent and fluffy grind. The smooth grinding action combined with the textured grip edges makes this easy-to-use herb grinder ideal for medical patients and smokers who suffer from hand or wrist pain.

This 4-part grinder is easy to take apart for cleaning and maintenance. The bottom parts are threaded and screw apart, and the top two parts are held securely together by a set of strong magnets. The finely meshed, stainless steel pollen screen in the grinders lower section only lets the finest kief through to the bottom compartment, where it can be safely stored for later use.

The grinder is perfect for daily use, makes a great addition to any smoker kit, and is available in a selection of colors: black, red, blue, and gold. Please select the color of your choice from the available options in the dropdown menu when placing your order. This top-quality, 4-part Grinder with clear Mid-section and Magnetic Window Lid will last for years if maintained correctly and is available to order today, for an unbeatable price at Grasscity.


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