Chongz Tom Cruzer 4-Part Rasta Grinder

299 kr

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If you’re looking for a solid sifter grinder, then this 56mm Chongz Tom Cruzer 4-Part Rasta Grinder is the perfect choice for you!

This stylish aluminum sifter grinder performs as good as it looks. The Tom Cruzer consists of 4 parts that are easily screwed on and off. This grinder features a beautiful rasta color theme. The lid features a skull and the Chongz logo. A small plastic spoon for easy distribution of your sifted herbs is also featured.

With the razor-sharp teeth, even the toughest of herbs get shredded into finely cut pieces in a matter of seconds. Grinding is smooth and silent.

The sifter layer features a fine mesh screen that filters through the most potent parts of your herbs and stores it in the lower compartment that you can then use when your herb is finished or when you want to add a little extra potency.

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